Remote Services for Social Distancing



March 27, 2020

In light of recent county court closures and the risks of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), iDepo wants to remind you that we offer remote depositions as another way to allow you to conduct business but keep yourselves, your colleagues, and your clients and witnesses safe from exposure. During the Pandemic, the connection fees will be waived for our basic remote depositions (such as Zoom). Fees still apply for remote depositions requiring additional services (such as realtime, legal videography, or equipment rental.)

For Remote Depositions via LiveLitigation, connection fees will be waived for the Noticing party. (This offer may be extended as the situation evolves. Please call us to inquire.)

Our remote deposition offerings include:

  • Videoconference Using Your Own Equipment – Use your own equipment (cell phones, tablets or computers (laptop or desktop) with a webcam – we will provide the connection for others to attend.
  • Training and Support – Because remote depositions may require additional effort and coordination, we provide complimentary training to you, your opposing counsel (if needed), and the witness regarding the remote deposition protocol. If you need equipment, please let us know as we can provide equipment, even for the witness.
  • Testing of Equipment – We will test your equipment before your scheduled deposition to make sure all equipment is in working order.
  • Telephonic Deposition – Use your own telephone (cell, home, or office), receive a dedicated call-in number with a passcode.
  • Videotaped Videoconference Deposition – Our Remote Videographers can record your deposition and provide you media just as if they were present in the room.
  • Remote Interpreters – If requested, Certified Interpreters are prepared to attend via phone or videoconference.
  • Remote Realtime and Videotaped Videoconference Deposition – Our staff and stenographic reporters can facilitate real-time streaming during your deposition.
  • Complimentary Conference room – Should you need to have a witness come to our office for deposition while others attend remotely, we can provide all necessary videoconference equipment at our offices. We take precautionary health measures by cleaning and sanitizing workspaces after each deposition and limiting attendees to only the witness, his/her counsel, and one iDepo staff member or approved participant. In instances with multiple attendees, we will implement social distancing practices in our large conference room. We ask that all attendees be symptom-free and will request postponement or attend remotely only if we learn that the attendee has coronavirus symptoms or has recently traveled to areas that have been highly impacted by this virus.

To schedule with us, please call 323-393-3768 or email us at
regular reporting, videography and transcription fees will apply. Ask about our additional discounts.

More than ever, the iDepo team is dedicated to helping you and your team with your litigation needs, even during these difficult times. We thank you for your continued trust, support and loyalty. We know we will move through this challenging situation and come out stronger together. Our entire team wishes you, your families, and colleagues continued good health.