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iDepo’s professional, accurate, and on-time court reporters are carefully selected to report your proceedings. Tell us the criteria you need, and we will provide the appropriate reporter for your unique case, whether you need a dependable reporter out of town for a daily expedite, for a multi-party litigation deposition, or a RealTime Streaming reporter. Our court reporters are among the highest credentialed in the industry and are proficient in handling all types of litigation from the simplest of assignments to complex multi-party class action or multi-jurisdictional matters.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. A VIDEO speaks volumes. Videotaped depositions make it possible to capture the way in which a witness testifies, such as facial expressions, nuances in vocal inflections, and body language with an accuracy that goes beyond printed text alone. The power of audiovisuals is unrivaled when trying to convey demeanor, tell a story, or convince a jury. Create lasting impressions in the minds of judges, arbitrators, and jurors.

We are your professional photocopier when you need documents retrieved. Have you already served a subpoena or submitted a HIPAA authorization release to an entity and a copy service must copy? We can assist with the on-site copying or pick up for your office. Need x-rays duplicated? No problem.

Need an audio recording transcribed? Just send us the audio. We will send you the transcript.

At iDepo Reporters, we understand the importance of capturing every word, nuance, and detail in your audio recordings.

As a full-service court reporting firm, we understand the need to offer a full range of services. In addition to providing for all of our esteemed clients’ court reporting needs, we are adding Process Serving to our suite of services. We are excited to be presenting a complete solution for our clients.

Serving and filing all types of legal documents:
• Subpoenas
• Summons & Complaints
• Motions
• Small Claims

Face-to-face communication is unmeasured in impact and effectiveness, but travel costs and remote access can present collaboration challenges. Video conferencing through iDepo Reporters enables individuals, businesses, or organizations to visually connect with others in real time with solutions that are simple and cost-effective.

iDepo will prepare and serve your Deposition Subpoenas for production of business records upon any entity or individual. We also offer Foreign subpoena service as well. Our staff will ensure that all the necessary paperwork is done which includes serving the Notice upon the Consumer (If applicable), Opposing counsel, the Witness (Deponent/Custodian of Records) and any other entity as instructed.

We recognize the importance of effective communication in legal hearings, where every word carries significant weight. Our team of experienced and highly skilled interpreters is dedicated to providing exceptional interpretation services that bridge language barriers and ensure clear and accurate communication between all parties involved.

Need an address for a Deposition Notice? Going out of town for a deposition? Need a meeting room near a witness residence? Our Los Angeles conference room can accommodate to fit your needs.

• Conference and Meeting rooms setups.
• Confirmation of Conference Rooms.
• We will be able to find a location close to an airport or particular address.

Proper document handling is essential through the life cycle of a case. The discovery phase of a case can be very scrutinizing – like finding the needle in a hay stack. We have solutions that fit your case.

iDepo offers you an on-line office repository that is web-enabled, available 24/7. We want to make your interactions with us more efficient, reduce your costs, and help you be more responsive to your clients by easy access to your documents, transcripts, and exhibits.

In July 2020, iDepo launched its new e-filing service to our valued clients creating a seamless and secure process for getting important and timely documents processed to the California courts in real-time. As an authorized e-filing company, we offer two ways to transact your e-filing, based on your needs.