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Don’t have time to fly to an out-of-town deposition? Trying to manage travel expenses for your client? Deponent unavailable but for a small window of time? You’ve never met this witness and would like to see the witness’s face and demeanor? Then schedule a cost-effective video conference deposition. Let us help you keep your client happy without added travel expenses and sacrificing the integrity of your work. Seeing is believing.

Face-to-face communication is unmeasured in impact and effectiveness, but travel costs and remote access can present collaboration challenges. Video conferencing through iDepo enables individuals, businesses, or organizations to visually connect with others in real time with solutions that are simple and cost-effective.


  • We use a secure and reliable network
  • Cost-saving
  • Humanize your meetings, see the people with whom you are working
  • Dedicated toll-free dial-in numbers